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Transmission Technology

Centrifugal clutches are widely used as starting clutches in electro motor or combusting engine operated equipment. Some applications include construction equipment (vibrating rammer and plates, riding trowel..), forestry equipment, production machinery, refrigeration equipment, motor sports, air compressors and many more.

Suco Technologies Inc. offers a wide range of types of centrifugal clutches and brakes. Your application and needs will determine which type of centrifugal clutch or brake would fit the best for you.

Would you like to get a quote? Please print, fill out and return our questionnaire for centrifugal clutches/brakes (PDF) or electromagnetic clutches/brakes (PDF). We will respond back to you soon. DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE TRANSMISSIONS TECHNOLOGY CATALOG (5MB).

  • Size 01 - 13
  • Torque 1.3 to 1800Nm
  • 750 to 3000 rmp
  • Bore Ø  5/8" - 2 3/8" or 12 - 65 mm
  • with pulley/drum or rotor only
  • SUCO designs and manufactures individual, customer-specific solutions when standard models cannot be used. Our engineers review inquiries to make sure they are practicable, and that the design of the product complies with the customer's wishes.
  • self-sufficient
  • customizable
  • safe
  • automatic
  • convenient
  • Size 02 - 09
  • Torque 1.0 -280Nm
  • 2000 to 10,000 rpm
  • Bore Ø 5/8" - 2 3/8" or 12 - 65mm
  • Input  and output hub with or without bearing