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Construction Equipment Applications

Construction Equipment Industry

Pressure Switches used by the Construction Equipment Industry

Pressure switches have to withstand a lot of challenging situations in construction machines including:

  • Severe Pressure Spikes Caused by Valves Shifting
  • Prolonged Exposure to Continual Pulsation
  • Broad Temperature Range
  • Dust and Pressure Wash
  • Shocks and Vibrations

Suco pressure switches are designed and tested to withstand these harsh conditions. As a result, the leading OEMs in construction equipment choose Suco pressure switches to monitor the following:

  • Brake Pressure
  • System Pressure
  • Steering Pressure
  • Accumulator Charge Pressure
  • Oil Pressure in Drive Train
  • Oil pressure in Combustion Machines
  • Pressure in Central Lubrication Systems and Fluid Filters

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